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Savants Unite!

............free pizza

Because you're BETTER and EVERYONE knows it!!
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Well I am starting a community i suppose called "Adolescent savants of the world, UNITE!" Sure it's not original.. Sure its stupid at the moment.. HOWEVER it is a name in the workings.. And will be developed over time.. Also i will probably delete the world adolescent. Because there are plenty of people who aren't adolescent who pwn. =(

SO.. Anyone can join, however I will kick you out if you dont almost meet and or exceed the requirements. Please see the notes in italics You...

-Must be smart. Not neccisarily in math, or computers, but you need to be smart.
-Have your priorities strait. ^1
-Don't be a n00b. ^2
-Don't engage in stupid illegal activities. ^3
-No excessive weird talking / consistantly spelling things wrong when not illustrating a point. ^4
-Don't be mean to other savants or almost savants. ^5
-Don't spam something completely useless. We dont want to hear about your wonderful experiences with viagra. Sorry.
-TRY not to get mad easily. <=(. We're all smart here. Have fun and joke around. Humor r0x!
-Must be Loyal!! Don't talk about others behind their backs! Don't be a pseudo-friend! Don't backstab!
-Don't be super religious! >_< IMO, religion is just a conspiracy. You cant proove it. Be a Whitefacian ;)
-Realize when a joke is a joke. In other words, Don't get offended. They probably didn't mean it.
-Think before you type. How would you feel if someone said the same thing about you?
-Try not to publicly display your raging hormones. They upset everyone.
-Be truthfull! If you are 9 years old, we want to know that you are 9 years old and not a 58 year old aquapedonecrodendrabeastaphiliac ;)
-Be open minded! Try to look at the other side of things once in a while.
-Being random is good. *watches as a bear and a frog fly away in a flying wheelbarrow only to get chased into a time rip by an evil anti berry tree.....*
-Please, If you're going to choose a username, be something intelligent. Not foxy_sexy_slut_bitch_holicrombeagle69696969666.
-Respect other peoples' values!
-It's good to be a gamer and anime fan. :D Don't diss the old stuff though.
-Do NOT be stereotypical, prejudice, or hold discriminations.
-Please be money wise!! If you owe 3,000$ in credit card debts, don't go out and buy a new pool. Seriously. If your parents are like that, that's too bad but please. Save your money. Use it wisely. It will be hard to find in the future..
-Dress sensibly! Don't buy clothes that shows cleavage. Noone wants to see that. Noone wants to see you in short shorts either. Don't buy pre-holed pants. That's useless.
-Ranting is good ^6
-Respect animals. Don't go out and kill a bunny just cuz you dont like it. S/he has feelings too. (If it's for food, then it's okay.)
-Don't obsess over how you look if you can. You're going to die someday. Who will care how fat or skinny you were? I sure won't.
-Don't talk about porn/sex. We dont care to hear about that sort of thing.
-Try not to swear excessively.
-Don't be the bad kind of stuckup ;)

More to come....

^1 - Meaning you WILL finish your homework before playing a video game or whatever, or you know for sure you can get it done in 1st hour tomarrow...

^2 - "But we're all n00bs at some point!" Yeah but PLEASE don't talk pine like this, "hei. i r teh col noo persun i r hap-e 2 b her. plz giv ma mune. PLZ MUNE. PLZ FRE FRe 4 N0B!!$(" It's okay to talk like when when illustrating a point that n00bs are idiots, but don't talk like that all the time. It's evil. Also when someone is talking about something don't immediately ask "Where" or "Why" without looking for it first. Example: If someone on says "Hey this cool IM client called Trillian lets you log in under YIM, ICQ, AIM, AND MSN!!!" Then you dont immediatly ask "URL PLZ." You DO have the capability to www.google.it

^3 - This includes but not limited to Underage Drinking, Illegal Drugs, Underage Sex. Hurting yourself just to "look cool" or "fit in" or "possibly be popular" is NOT the savant thing to do. This does NOT include MP3s, ROMS, Etc. Also don't hack something just because you don't like whatever. For example if you hate Hamtaro and you happen to stumble upon a Hamtaro website, hacking it just because you hate Hamtaro is not a reasonable excuse. If you hack someone's website becasue they are stalking you, killed your dog, changed your SS number, and burnt your house down, then that's okay. :D

^4 - D0 |\|0T T4L|< |_1K3 T|-|15 @|_|_ T|-|3 T1/\/\3 P|_z! du nut tak pine ether thx. PLEASE SPELL THINGS CORRECTLY. Typos are okay, but if you constantly spell "What" as "Wat" I will have to kill you.

^5 - if you disagree with someone on something, it doesn't give you the right to be mean to them. It gives you the right to provide your side of the situation and provide a two-sided argument if possible.

^6 - Please stay away from phrases such as "this IS" "you MUST" "this is ALWAYS" "that is NEVER" unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure everyone agrees to it. Like.. IF you want to make a "This country has a BAD sense of money. EX: National Debt!" statement thats ok.. But if you say something like "ALL FPS SUCK ARSE!" Then that's not appropriate ;) Use good judgement please!

How to tell if you are a REAL Savant
Real Savants exhibit some of the following symptoms:

-Isolation from society
-Depression and other psychological disorders
-Obsessions with strange things such as memorizing music and sports trivia, license plate numbers, maps, historical facts, or obscure things such as vacuum cleaner motor sounds
-Able to do lightning speed complicated calculations in your head
-Able to recall dates and weather accurately
-Playing piano by ear
-Artistic Talent
-Mechanical Ability
-Language mastery
-VERY good sensory perception (Smell, touch, hearing, etc)
-Accurate guess at how much time as passed since whatever without visual clues
-Outstanding knowledge in specific areas
-Extra sensory perceptions (Esp, etc.)
-VERY good memory
-Unusual interest in natural sciences
-Your IQ can be anywhere. IQ does NOT = Smart neccisarily
-Likely to have other psychological disorders
-Special skills or abilities
-Proficient at something at a young age

(Just because you apply to some of theses does not mean you are a REAL one.. Entertainment use only, because i cannot prove these ;))

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